Jami Stewart, Facialist, Certified Reflexologist

I LOVE SKIN!  I am passionate about natural, healthy skin and helping my clients not only look, but FEEL their best!  My philosophy is a non-invasive and wholistic approach to healthy skin.  I firmly believe in not only correction, but prevention when addressing skin health.  Beyond the treatment room, this includes individualized home care regimens, practicing safe sun and living a healthy lifestyle.  Although I hold no formal degree or certification in nutrition or science...I firmly believe that healthy diet and lifestyle can also profoundly affect the skin.  I am committed to continuing education in the field of esthetics, and strive to provide safe, effective and superior products and services.  After devoting my entire career to practicing in a clinical setting, Skin Remedy will allow me to be 100% accessible to you from the moment you enter to the completion of your visit...the complete Skin Remedy experience!



my Mission

I am committed to providing safe, effective, rejuvenating treatments to help you achieve your healthiest skin ever.  It is not just about trusting me with you skin care needs, but the overall experience I strive to provide...professional care and service, sincere and compassionate attention, a relaxed and private setting where you leave feeling renewed and look forward to your next visit.  

“With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown : Chinese Proverb.”